Custom Automation and Material Handling Solutions

The versatility of Magswitch Technology enables applications that can be performed faster, more efficiently, and with increased safety. Magswitch has specialized resources dedicated to heavy-duty material handling equipment, the number one magnet technology in lifting systems, and lifting magnets. They deliver a fail-safe hold force for fixtures and materials handling applications. Magswitch Provides a range of expertise from design engineering, manufacturing, and distribution to marketing and customer service.

We integrate our technology to create custom product solutions that optimize performance and deliver a complete solution. Our Application Engineers will work with you to determine your needs to design, deliver and support your solution for years of reliable service. We also provide industrial automation equipment and heavy-lifting devices.

Private Label

Collaborative design and complete manufacturing of private label products utilizing Magswitch Technology.


Strategic partnership with other businesses for the development, manufacturing, and marketing of products utilizing Magswitch Technology.

Custom Products

If you have a custom application or an odd problem that needs a solution with the world’s number one magnetic technology, our Application Engineering team will work with you from concept to final delivery!

Customer Success Stories

Carter MagFence Uses Magswitch MagJigs

Carter MagFence Uses Magswitch MagJigs

Magswitch collaborated recently with is Carter Products Inc. and created the next generation Carter MAGFENCE® II. This magnetic fence takes quick attachment, release and adjustment to the next level of simplicity.

Koike MagWheel Robotic Welding Integration

Koike MagWheel Robotic Welding Integration

Koike Aronson are leaders in manufacturing high quality metal cutting, welding and positioning equipment. It was an integration that was meant to happen. Magswitch MagWheels are perfect for driving powerful connection on any ferrous surface enabling flat, vertical or inverse travel.

Lightning Rail Uses MagSquares to Increase Efficiency

Lightning Rail Uses MagSquares to Increase Efficiency

Automated Layout Technology is the maker of the first automated marking machine created specifically for the layout of commercial handrails. The Lightning Rail provides a layout in any configuration by transforming your designs to a printed layout on a rigid steel-framed table.

MoonRay 3D Printer Uses Magjigs to Save Time

MoonRay 3D Printer Uses Magjigs to Save Time

We recently collaborated on a custom Magswitch MagJig 150 that SprintRay uses in their brand new MoonRay 3D Printer which provides a seamless product ecosystem! Our switchable magnet secures the printing platform while the printing process occurs, replacing a manual process that took 3 times the effort.

Upsite Technologies uses MagJigs for Sliding Doors

Upsite Technologies uses MagJigs for Sliding Doors

We integrated with Upsite Technologies to find a solution of holding the panels up during installation of modular containment doors called the AisleLok. The AisleLok Sliding doors offer data centers aisle-end containment within 3 minutes without any need for labor.

The Magswitch Advantage


We consider safety in everything we do. Safety is crucial to our products, the fewer hands on the job means a safer workplace. Easy actuation, lighter lifting, stability control, and lift-to-shear capabilities all tie back to an emphasis on safety.

Our products are designed to be ‘fail safe’ since there is no need for any power during a lift. With a positive indication of the magnetic circuit, the operator can confidently perform knowing the material is fully attached. Magswitch offers Electric, Pneumatic, or Manual for ‘on-off’ actuation.


Magswitch technology applies maximum hold force at shallow depths, and thin material, enabling consistent stronghold force on thin and thick magnetic material. Our products are customer serviceable, 1/3rd the magnet weight of some competitors, outlast, and are easier to operate than old technology competitors.


Magswitch products have flexible options to handle your lifting needs & adapt to odd or round shapes.


Downtime is eliminated with Magswitch, unlike traditional steel lifting systems. With a 100% duty cycle, no more standing or waiting around.

Cost Savings

Electromagnetic and vacuum lifting systems are costly in the long term regarding energy and maintenance costs. Magswitch ‘Greentech’ technology will offer you significant savings in energy and repairs while increasing productivity.


Design & Engineering

  • Magnetic Circuits
  • ANSYS Mechanical
  • ANSYS Maxwell – Magnetics
  • Electric Motors
  • Pneumatic Actuators
  • Gearbox Design
  • Hydraulic Actuators
  • Spring Design
  • Design for Manufacturing / Assembly to relevant standards
  • Structural Design – certified independently
  • Analytical Thinking – pride in a lateral approach to design.
  • Weld Grounding – 1500amp grounds down to 300amp for every user.
  • Extreme Temperature Design – leader in high heat magnetic applications.
  • Engineering Standards ASME, ISO, ANSI, CE, EC


Magswitch has its own assembly plant drawing on specialist long term component and technology partners, we develop new technology and carry out R&D on three continents with direct access to our customers and supply partners. Our distribution channels can ship anywhere in the world, best practice outperformed global logistics by more than 20% in on water transit and per kilo cost, thought out Covid disruption.

  • Technology development
  • Product Development
  • Product Testing
  • Product assembly
  • Product Packaging
  • Product Distribution

Marketing & Communications

Our in-house marketing and communications team will provide all the resources needed to make your custom product a success.

  • Marketing Materials
  • Social Media Integration
  • Cross Promotions
  • White Paper/Press Release

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