Material Handling

Magnetic Material Handling: Revolutionizing Industrial Automation Solutions

Magswitch Technologies, where cutting-edge technology meets seamless industrial automation solutions. With a focus on magnetic vises, grippers, end effectors, and smart magnets, our magnetic tools drive efficiency, precision, and innovation in industrial automation.

Magnetic Technology

Magswitch Cobot SmartMagGrip E30 - 81401484

Variable Field Output

Designed to work well in the collaborative robot environment, our magnetic tooling includes variable field output (VFO) and integrated sensing technology. The VFO allows for adjustability of the magnetic strength between 0 and 100% for de-stacking, picking/gripping single or multiple parts.

Integrated Sensing

The integrated sensing technology can determine or confirm the proper part is picked. Each part is taught to the tool through a simple learning process.

Magnetic Material Handling Tools

Magnetic Vises

Our magnetic vise solutions redefine precision in industrial processes. Whether it's hot stamping, machine tending, or ergonomic lift assist, these vises provide a secure and reliable grip, ensuring optimal control and efficiency in your operations.

Magnetic Grippers

Experience a new era of pick and place tasks with our magnetic grippers. and bin picking applications, these grippers offer magnetic strength and precision, streamlining your material handling processes.

Magnetic End Effectors

Optimize your machine tending processes with our magnetic end effectors. These intelligent tools ensure seamless integration into robotic automation systems, enhancing overall efficiency and reducing downtime.

End-of-Arm Tooling

Discover the future of industrial automation with our end-of-arm tooling solutions. From robotic process automation to smart magnets, our tools are designed to maximize productivity and minimize complexities in your manufacturing environment.

Magnetic Industrial Automation Solutions

Bin Picking

Ergonomic Lift Assist Material Handling

Revolutionize your warehouse dynamics with our bin-picking solutions. Our magnetic material handling systems ensure quick and accurate retrieval of items, enhancing the efficiency of your order fulfillment processes.

Ergonomic Lift Assist

Prioritize workplace safety and efficiency with our ergonomic lift-assist solutions. Magnetic technology is pivotal in creating a safer and more ergonomic environment for your workforce.

Hot Stamping

Achieve hot stamping perfection with our magnetic material handling. The precise control offered by our solutions ensures flawless results in your hot stamping processes.

Pick and Place

Optimize your pick and place operations with our magnetic grippers and end effectors. The magnetic strength and precision guarantee swift and accurate placement of items in your manufacturing line.

Machine Tending

Transform your machine tending processes with our end-of-arm tooling solutions. Magnetic efficiency ensures a smooth and reliable interaction between robots and machines, enhancing overall operational excellence.

Application Services

In addition to groundbreaking products, Magswitch offers the expertise and resources to assist customers with their design and application challenges. Contact one of our knowledgeable sales representatives for advice on fixture, pole shoe, guarding and multiple magnet designs to achieve the best performance possible for your application. If you need more than a design, we’ve got you covered in the fabrication department as well—at a fraction of the cost of a machine shop, Magswitch can help you customize a range of components to expand the usability of your tool.

Magswitch also offers magnetic analysis to confirm holding force and validate pole shoe designs. Magswitch prides itself on having one of the most knowledgeable distribution networks and a team of engineers to handle any application presented. Many factors determine the performance of a magnet and all should be accounted for before selecting your tool.