Fixture Tooling

Fixture Tooling Industrial Automation

Repeatability when material handling is key in laser cutting and laser welding operations as well as clamping fixtures. Utilize our NAAMS mounting options to ensure a reliable and repeatable fixture. Custom pole shoes allow for geometry matching or custom pin attachments for precision locating. Contact our engineers for assistance integrating Magswitch products into your fixtures.

Fixture Tooling Industrial Automation

Features & Benefits

  • Position tools away from the edge of the part to improve access for welding and laser cutting
  • No moving parts (clamp arms)
  • Improved ergonomics & safety
  • Eliminate the need for fixture exchange with common tooling
  • Reduced chatter for cleaner cuts

Custom Solutions

In addition to groundbreaking products, Magswitch offers the expertise and resources to assist customers with their design and application challenges. To achieve the best performance for contact one of our knowledgeable sales representatives for advice on fixtures, pole shoes, guarding, and magnet designs.

If you need more than a design, we’ve got you covered at a fraction of the cost of a machine shop. Magswitch can help you customize a range of components to expand the usability of your tool.

Magswitch also offers Finite Element Analysis (MFEA), a magnetic analysis to confirm holding force and validate pole shoe designs. Magswitch prides itself on having a team of engineers ready to handle any application. Many factors determine the performance of a magnet, and all should be accounted for before selecting your tool.