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Compliance Documentation

What is California Proposition 65?

Proposition 65 requires sellers to supply California consumers with a warning prior to purchasing products which can contain the hazardous chemicals identified in the list compiled at

Due to the durable, industrial construction of Magswitch tools, almost all of our products can expose consumers to chemicals including nickel, tetrafluoroethylene, and toluene that are known to the state of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. While most of our products contain these chemicals within their housing, there are a select few products with exposed surfaces which can bring these chemicals into dermal contact. Any tool with an EH or UH (high temperature) designation will have a nickel plating to ensure corrosion resistance at higher temperatures, so we advise wearing gloves when handling them. Many Magswitch Industrial Solutions feature nickel plating, Teflon gaskets, and acrylic sealant which require warnings but are equally important for tool durability.

Proposition 65 also requires that consumers are warned about the hazards of exposure to wood dust. While most of our woodworking tools do not generate wood dust, they may be used on table saws and other tools which do. Remember that drilling, sawing, sanding or machining wood products can expose you to wood dust, a substance known to the State of California to cause cancer. Avoid inhaling wood dust or use a dust mask or other safeguards for personal protection. For more information go to

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