MagDrill Disruptor 30 Magnetic Drill In Use

Magnetic Drilling and Tapping

Our magnetic drill presses aka MagDrills drive speed, productivity, and safety, all in one. Changing the way drilling is done, our MagDrills are built to be fail-safe. Patented magnets do not require power to turn ON and OFF. In an event of a power failure, the magnetic base will not fall. Magswitch MagDrill Disruptor series offers superior magnetic performance on a range of steel-flat or curved surfaces. These drills hold strong even on thin steel. The patent pending pivot/swivel base allows for easy maintenance, inspection, and cleaning increasing its lifetime. Drilling on flat and curved surfaces, tapping, etc can be performed significantly faster with our MagDrill Disruptor Series!

The Disruptor Series

  • No electricity is required for magnetic actuation, making the drill extremely efficient.
  • The drill remains in position during the loss of power.
  • Independent magnetic bases allow for isolated tool movement, cleaning, and hole inspection while providing the ability to resume drilling in the same location.
  • Our powerful ‘shallow-field’ technology allows for drilling on thin gauge steel.
  • The magnetic ratcheting gear system gives the user partial actuation for precise positioning.
  • Reversible rotation settings gives the Disruptor 55 versatility for tapping/threading holes.

Featured Videos

“I work in solar construction and used this drill to cut 7/8” holes in over 200 galvanized steel pile. This drill never over heated, never let me down, and could drill through 3/8” steel with easy when using a lubricant and coolant liquid. The magnets are strong enough to hold even if they are not on a flat surface. I could not have completed my project without this tool.”


MagDrill Disruptor 30 Magnetic Drill

MagDrill Disruptor 30

The Magswitch MagDrill Disruptor 30 is a magnetic drill that utilizes patented shallow-field magnetic technology that offers incredibly strong grip, even on steel as thin as 1/8” with patent-pending base automatically pivots to conform to any pipe 3” or larger.


  • Max Breakaway: 1172 lbs / 531.6 kg
  • Full Saturation Thickness: 1/2″ / 12.7 mm
  • Speed: 775 RPM (no load) – 400 RPM (load 900 W)
  • Max Tip Force: 584 lbs / 264.9 kg
  • Product Weight: 24.2 lbs / 11 kg
  • Voltage: 110-120 V / 50-60 Hz
  • Smallest Pipe Diameter: 3.5″ / 80 mm
MagDrill Disruptor 55 Magnetic Drill

MagDrill Disruptor 55

The Magswitch MagDrill Disruptor is 55 a revolution in magnetic drilling technology. Smart Technology lets the magnets communicate with the 1600 W motor without the need for electricity. A perfect tool for welding, fabricating, heavy lifting, and infrastructure handling.


  • Max Breakaway: 1512 lbs / 685.8 kg
  • Full Saturation Thickness: 1/2” / 12.7mm
  • Speed: 500 RPM (no load) – 275 RPM load 1600 W)
  • Product Weight: 39 lbs / 17.7 kg
  • Drill Stroke: 6.6” / 170 mm
  • Smallest Pipe Diameter: 3.5” / 80mm