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Magnetic Shipbuilding Equipment and Material Handling

Magswitch material handling equipment is designed to handle flat, round, pipe, hot and dirty steel safely. Our shipbuilding products use our patented magnets to drive speed, efficiency, and productivity in shipyard applications such as welding, fitting, tethering, lifting, and anything that uses thick or thin steel. 

Magswitch saves valuable time and provides an amazing return on investment in the long run. From basic applications to custom solutions, our Application Engineers can work with you to create a custom shipyard application.

Magnetic Shipbuilding Equipment and Material Handling Magnetic Shipbuilding Equipment and Material Handling Magnetic Shipbuilding Equipment and Material Handling Magnetic Shipbuilding Equipment and Material Handling

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Shipbuilding Products

1.5 Ton Beam Jack Shipbuilding Equipment

1.5 Ton Beam Jack

  • Smallest and most compact in this series. 
  • Eliminates the air gap and allows for easy welding.
  • Ideal while working in small confined places. 
  • Each 1500 lb magnet makes contact with the base material and is turned on by simply actuating two handles. Once the magnets are actuated, turn the ratcheting handle to apply pressure to the beam. 
6 Ton Beam Jack Shipbuilding Equipment

3 Ton / 6 Ton Beam Jack

  • Bigger and sturdier beam jack.
  • Features a hydraulic jack. 
  • Each magnet makes contact with the base material and is turned on by simply actuating two handles. Once the magnets are actuated, the hydraulic jack can be pumped.
  • Eliminates the air gap and allows for easy welding. 
  • 6 Ton Beam Jack features a Gimbal Kit (#8800770) where the magnetic feet can conform to uneven surfaces by swiveling 12 degrees in either direction!
  • Ideal when you need a strong grip on large pieces of steel. 

90-Degree Angle 1000

  • Features (2) MagSquare 1000 magnets, each with  1000 lb of holding force on each axis. 
  • With unmatched versatility, you can simply move the magnets up and down or reversible on each axis. 
  • The slick design also allows for additional MagSquares to be added for extra strength. 
  • Ideal for positioning stiffener beams.
90-Degree Angle Shipbuilding Equipment

90-Degree Angle Stiffener 1200

  • Robust 90 degree angle tool that is designed for some serious power, stabilization, and precision control for those heavy-duty jobs. 
  • The entire side plate is magnetized when turned on. 
  • With reinforced end caps for superior durability, this tool mounts to flat and round pieces of steel with incredible strength.
  • Ideal for heavy-duty jobs. 
Ground Clamps Shipbuilding Equipment

Ground Clamps

Magswitch magnetic ground clamps come with a new fin design which lowers the temperature. With our ground clamps, no more tacking is necessary. Simply place our magnetic ground clamp on a clean work surface, turn it on and start welding!  

  • Fast setup as it instantly grounds to flat and round surfaces of steel
  • Stronger hold in the shear (vertical) position allows for use with heavy gauge cable
  • No more tacking on tabs and searching for ground location
  • The new fin design lowers the temperature by 27%
  • Magnet turns completely On and Off
  • Stays clean as it is easy to wipe debris off
  • Does not require an electrical power source
MagPress Shipbuilding Equipment


  • Aligns large steel sheets with precision.
  • Equalize high and low points between steel gaps by placing the magnet on low, pry on high, and weld. 
  • Turn the handle to the side and this tool becomes a beam press which can press a 4-6” beam.
  • Holds flat and round surfaces.

Leveling Accessories

Leveling Accessories for Shipbuilding

Sheet Handler

  • Remove high/low when aligning the plate.
  • 100 times faster than using dogs and wedges.
  • Center sheet handler over the seam, turn 
  • Magswitch ON and press to align and tack.

Stiffener Alignment Tool

  • Mounts onto MLAY 1000x2 lifting magnet.
  • Provides stop for setting up stiffener beams.
  • Keeps beams at 90 degrees during fit-up.

Beam Press Accessory

  • Attaches to MLAY1000x4 or 1000x6 lifting magnet.
  • Provides pry points for fitting stiffener beams.
  • Easy-carry handle allows for transportation by one or two people. 

Heavy Sheet Leveler

  • Remove high/low during plate fit-up.
  • Levels up to 2” thick plate.
  • Easy-carry handle
MagDollies for Shipbuilding


The collapsible dolly has a lifting capacity of 350 pounds and is designed to lift and carry heavy sheet metal, pipes, or any steel objects.  No more getting down on your knees or pinching your fingers to move heavy steel objects.

  • Safer for your back, knees, and hands
  • Allows one person to move heavy objects
  • Maneuvers on uneven surfaces
  • Does not use an electrical power source

Custom Lifting Solutions

In addition to groundbreaking products, Magswitch offers the expertise and resources to assist customers with their design and application challenges. To achieve the best performance for contact one of our knowledgeable sales representatives for advice on fixtures, pole shoes, guarding, and magnet designs. 

If you need more than a design, we’ve got you covered at a fraction of the cost of a machine shop. Magswitch can help you customize a range of components to expand the usability of your tool.

Magswitch also offers Finite Element Analysis (MFEA), a magnetic analysis to confirm holding force and validate pole shoe designs. Magswitch prides itself on having a team of engineers ready to handle any application. Many factors determine the performance of a magnet, and all should be accounted for before selecting your tool.