Upsite Technologies uses MagJigs for Sliding Doors

Upsite Technologies uses MagJigs for Sliding Doors

Upsite Technologies are pioneers in airflow management solutions. They create modular products that is energy and time efficient. It was a natural collaboration between Magswitch and Upsite. We integrated with Upsite Technologies to find a solution of holding the panels up during installation of modular containment doors called the AisleLok. The AisleLok Sliding doors offer data centers aisle-end containment within 3 minutes without any need for labor. Forget drilling holes? Attach vertical poles to the panels with Magjigs and continue installing the doors. MagJigs feature our patented technology that can be turned ON and OFF simply by turning the knob. It stays in place throughout the installation. This saves valuable time and increase safety during installation. Needless to say MagJigs became a simple solution for AisleLok Sliding Doors.

Upsite Products

The modular containment solution and line of aisle airflow management products by Upsite are specifically designed to block airflow, ensuring hot and cold aisle separation.

MagSwitch MagJigs

Magswitch MagJigs secure your fixture into place by simple turn off a knob. You can use it in your custom jigs and fixtures, create fences, assembly jigs, cutting fixtures, blade guards, work supports or anything that makes your work faster, safer and easier. Excellent product for woodworking, welding and fabrication and custom integration. It holds on both flat and round surfaces and can be integrated into so much custom projects.

Magswitch Custom Product Solutions

The versatility of Magswitch Technology has opened up so many applications that can be performed significantly faster and much more safely. We provide a whole range of expertise from design engineering, manufacturing and delivery to marketing and customer service. Combining our technology with Magswitch expertise, we can create specialized products that fit your needs and budget. Our Application Engineers will work with you to determine your needs in order to design, deliver and support your solution for years of reliable service.