Lightning Rail uses MagSquares to increase efficiency!

Lightning Rail uses MagSquares to increase efficiency!

Automated Layout Technology is the maker of the first automated marking machine created specifically for the layout of commercial handrails. The Lightning Rail provides a layout in any configuration by transforming your designs to a printed layout on a rigid steel-framed table. This can cut production time by 50% so fabricators can load their drawing to the controller and just press print.

Traditionally, they had to drill the materials to the fabrication table and once the project was completed, remove it and repeat the process. ALT wanted to eliminate this problem to increase efficiency and speed. Enter Magswitch MagSquares! With just a turn of a knob, MagSquares can be used on the fabrication table to hold down materials. Once completed, it is simply turned off and removed from the fabrication table. ALT benefited greatly from MagSquares being integrated into their production line saving them time and increasing their overall productivity.

Lightning Rail Products

The Lightning Rail drastically reduces the time it takes to lay out a handrail. In just minutes, the layout is transferred to the fabrication table, ready for materials. Forget about the countless hours spent with tape measures, squares and soapstone.

MagSwitch MagSquares

Hold just about anything, just about anywhere! Our MagSquares provide a new level of fast and easy multi-plane workholding when positioning steel. Machined at 90 degrees, they can be used to grip both flat surfaces and pipe. Magnetic grip on 5 sides –strong on 3 sides. An ideal tool for super fast setups and instant workholding.

Magswitch Custom Product Solutions

The versatility of Magswitch Technology has opened up so many applications that can be performed significantly faster and much more safely. We provide a whole range of expertise from design engineering, manufacturing and delivery to marketing and customer service. Combining our technology with Magswitch expertise, we can create specialized products that fit your needs and budget. Our Application Engineers will work with you to determine your needs in order to design, deliver and support your solution for years of reliable service.