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Custom Automation Solutions

Custom Automation Solutions

Custom Automation Solutions

FEA Pipe Bundle Handling FEA Angle Iron Handling

Magswitch Technology can be integrated into existing products and technology because of its versatile applications. Our Application Engineering team will work with you to determine your automation needs. From design to delivery and follow-up support, we do it all at reasonable rates! Our automation products has been successfully integrated and implemented in numerous industries and several applications. Our custom automation solutions can increase efficiency and reduce downtime on the production floor! Get in touch with us to get started on your custom solution! We also provide Custom Product Solutions and Heavy Lifting Solutions.

Our applications engineers can supply detailed magnetic FEA reports showcasing estimated performance upon request. Uses include determining holding force on one or multiple parts or identifying force on adjacent components. Simply supply a solid model of your target part with magnet in position along with any pole shoe designs you wish to have analyzed. Using industry leading simulation software, our team will setup, run, and report results for your project. Rates start at $250 for a single magnet setup with customer supplied or standard pole shoe designs.

Why Magswitch Automation?

  • 50+ Automation Applications
  • 60+ Years of Professional Experience
  • 65+ Patents Pending
  • 250+ Unique Solutions

Our Process

  • Initial Application Review
  • Design Engineering (including packaging)
  • Product Testing
  • Manufacturing and Delivery
  • Marketing and Customer Service

Collection of Materials and Initial Proposal

The 6 critical elements for selecting a tool are Material Grade, Thickness, Weight, Shape, Surface Conditions,(coatings, treatments, roughness) and Motion Profile.

Detailed Proposal

The detailed proposal may include an overview of application details, tool selection, tool placement on target component, pole shoe design suggestion, accessory design, magnetic FEA analysis and breakdown of safety factor analysis.

Final Design and Delivery

After selecting Magswitch as the specified tool for the application, Magswitch engineers can complete detailed designs for pole shoes and accessories in order to produce and deliver components to meet your project deadlines.

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