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D5/D12 Rubber Band Kit - 88001558

D5/D12 Rubber Band Kit - 88001558

D5/D12 Rubber Band Kit - 88001558

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The tool comes with Friction Pad Kit (pre-installed) and Rubber Band Kit (packed separately in the package). If you don’t need Friction Pad Kit, remove it, and install the Rubber Band Kit instead. The tool must be used with either Friction Pad Kit or Rubber Band Kit. 

Follow the instruction below for the Rubber Band Kit installation.

  • Turn OFF the tool.
  • Remove Friction Pad Kit (pre-installed on the tool).
  • Clean all the surfaces that will be covered by Rubber Band. Particles and debris should be removed completely.
  • Align the two sides with thicker walls on the Rubber Band with two sides with slots on the tool (marked with arrows). Press in one side and then press in the other side.
  • Press on the outside of Rubber Band along the lips several times until the lips are fully engaged into the slots.
  • The installation of Rubber Band is complete.


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