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Cobot MagBase 5 - 81001276

Cobot MagBase 5 - 81001276
Cobot MagBase 5 - 81001276

Cobot MagBase 5 - 81001276

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Intended for use with collaborative robotic arms, the Cobot Magnet Base firmly fixtures 5 kg payload collaborative robots on ferrous materials with a twist of the wrist.

Magswitch pivoting arrays can be anchored to flat and cylindrical surfaces and feature a wide footprint to reduce the risk of peel when the end effector is at its greatest radius. The array pivot points contain electrically isolating bushings and washers to ensure welding and static transient voltages on the part/substrate are decoupled from the robot ground.

Refer to the dimensional drawing below for the default mounting pattern. Custom patterns can be incorporated upon request.

Universal Robots UR+ Partner


Nominal Maximum Breakaway Force1,2,4 9074 N
Nominal Maximum Shear 1,2,4 1814 N
Full Saturation Thickness 0.75 in / 19.1 mm
Net Weight 19.75 lbs / 8.96 kg
Individual Magnetic Pole Footprint 1.9″ x 8.7″ / 48mm x 221.2 mm
Overall Magnetic Pole Footprint 9.6″x 18.7″ / 243mm x 221.2 mm

The following is maximum magnetic force “breakaway” data for ONE swiveling magnet array. There are TWO installed on each Cobot Magnet Base. Consult operation manual 1101387 for more information

Material Thickness – mm (in) 0.6
Maximum Force1,2,4 – N 291 615 1852 2361 3021 3940 4218 4519 4535  
  • 1Determined in a laboratory environment on 2” thick SAE1018 Steel with a surface roughness of 63 micro inches with optimized pole shoes. Many factors contribute to the actual breakaway force and safe working load in each application. Consult a Magswitch Applications Engineer and test the Magswitch in each application before deployment.
  • 2All data applies to units with flat pole shoes installed.
  • 3Values may vary by +/- 5%.
  • 4Maximum forces listed above are not safe lifting forces. Designers must take into account safety factors when specifying tools. Magswitch recommends SWL = 5:1 for most applications.


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