Video Gallery

Video Gallery

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Heavy Lifting System Cordless Electric

The Only Magnetic Drill You'll Ever Need

MagJig 60, 95, 150, and 235 Strength Test

Custom Heavy Lifting Solutions

Magnetic Ground Clamps

Mini Multi Angle Magnet with 300 amp Ground

IMTS 2018 - Pick and Place Automation

Press Brake Ergonomic Lifter

HLF Vs. Pry & Forklift

Angle Tools Replacing Traditional Clamps

Pivot Welding Angle 200

Custom Heavy Lift Frame

MagDrill Disruptor 30 Review

Unboxing the MagDrill Disruptor 55

Magswitch Automation Magnets in Action!

3 Ton Beam Jack at a Shipyard

Magswitch-Carter Integrated MagFence

Electrically Actuated Heavy Lifter

MagJigs In Action

MagDrill Disruptor 30 in Action

Automatic Stacking Machines at Acesco

MagDrill Disruptor 43

Electrically Actuated Ergo Lifter

Welding Pivot Angle 200

Brand New Indicator Base Prototype

90 Degree Magnetic Welding Angle

MagSquares increase efficiency at Automated Layout Technology

Build or 3D Print a Bandsaw Featherboard and Roller Guide

How Magswitch Works

Magswitch Affiliate Program Reveal with Andrew Klein

Fixed Lift System

E Series De-Stack and Stack Robotic Lift