Magnetic Ground Clamps

Switchable Welding Magnetic Ground Clamps

Magswitch Switchable Magnetic Ground Clamps

Magswitch Technology has introduced an improved product line of magnetic ground clamps.

The second generation of the Magswitch Ground Clamp Series has a new fin design with increased surface area that lowers temperature by almost 27%. This generation offers higher amperage clamp including 300 AMP, 600 AMP and 800 AMP. These clamps all have a stronger hold in the shear or vertical position.

The improved ground clamps let welders quickly set up, weld and move on to the next job. "Simply place the clamp on a clean surface, turn it on and instantly ground on flat or round surfaces," said a company spokesperson. "These clamps have the ability to attach to surfaces where traditional clamps cannot. This provides instantaneous grounding once turned on, increasing welding efficiency by eliminating the need for welding tabs. Magswitch Technology's complete ON/OFF technology allows the grounding clamp to stay clean."

Switchable Welding Magnetic Ground Clamps

Using thermal analysis, Magswitch engineers found ways to improve upon the design. The fin design on the new ground clamps reduces the size of high temperature zones around the magnets. The reduction in temperature reduces the amount of heat that the magnet is subjected to and extends the life of the tool. With the new model, the fins reduce the temperature through the unit, resulting in a significantly cooler handle temperature.