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Magswitch Technologies Announces Brad Hite as President of Advanced Process Technologies

Superior, CO – Magswitch Technologies at the forefront of magnetic technology innovation, is excited to welcome Brad Hite as President of Advanced Process Technologies, starting January 2024. Hite, a seasoned executive with 33 years of experience spanning metals, construction products, and healthcare equipment industries, is set to drive the company's strategic direction and growth in this key division.

Distinguished Career and Strategic Achievements

Brad Hite's career is distinguished by his dynamic leadership and strategic accomplishments, including founding, and successfully exiting a construction product company between 2002 and 2009. He led a remarkable turnaround for a metal company at risk of liquidation, achieving stability and significant sales growth from 2009 to 2014. His strategic acumen also facilitated the successful turnaround and sale of a metals service center from 2014 to 2016, followed by a phase of revitalized revenue growth for various metals companies up to 2021. Prior to his arrival at Magswitch, Brad was on the leadership team of a startup division that rapidly grew to $24 million in just two years.

Forward-Looking Leadership at Magswitch

“I am excited to join The Magswitch Team and keen to work alongside talented people like Stephen Meinhardt, Director of Sales & Engineering - Heavy Lifting Solutions.  Growth will come by educating steel distribution, mills, and OEM’s on Magswitch’s transformational products and unique safety features.  Magswitch’s smart lifting, robotics, and cobotics solutions eliminate ergonomically and physically challenging work which makes the workplace safer and allows employees to focus on more meaningful tasks.  Who wouldn’t be excited about transforming the way we work!” said Brad Hite.

"We are delighted to have Brad Hite join us as President of Advanced Process Technologies," said David Morton, CEO at Magswitch. "His exceptional leadership qualities and strategic insights are crucial for our next phase of growth and innovation. Brad’s experience and vision will undoubtedly propel Magswitch to new levels of success."


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