Magswitch Merger: A Global Transformation

Magswitch Merger: A Global Transformation

Elevating Operations in the United States

In a strategic move set to redefine our presence in the United States, Magswitch Technology Inc. and Magswitch Automation Company are amalgamating their forces, effective January 1st, 2024. This forward merger will see the birth of a unified entity, operating under the name Magswitch Automation Company and doing business as Magswitch Technologies.

Streamlining Services: A Vision for the Future

Unified Operations, Enhanced Service

This merger brings a wave of change, streamlining our operations in the United States to provide a more cohesive experience. The integration of Magswitch Technology Inc. and Magswitch Automation Company ensures a seamless blend of manual and automation tools under one roof.

Ordering Simplicity, Unmatched Quality

The amalgamation offers a unique advantage – the ability to order both Manual Tools and Automation Tools from the same entity. This simplification ensures a streamlined process for our valued customers, without compromising the exceptional quality that defines Magswitch.

Embracing Change, Preserving Excellence

Transition without Compromise

Rest assured, amidst the transformation, our commitment to delivering top-notch service remains unwavering. Existing points of contact and locations will remain unchanged, providing stability and consistency for our customers.

Key Changes: A Closer Look

  • Legal Company Name: Magswitch Automation Company d/b/a Magswitch Technologies
  • Legal Agreements: Existing legal agreements with Magswitch Technology, Inc. seamlessly transfer to Magswitch Technologies.

The Unveiling of Magswitch Technologies

A Global Powerhouse

As the Magswitch entities merge in the United States, the birth of Magswitch Technologies symbolizes a global powerhouse in magnetic innovation. From industrial automation to manual tools, our unified approach sets the stage for an unparalleled future.

A Unified Force, A Bright Future

The merger of Magswitch Technology Inc. and Magswitch Automation Company in the United States signifies a transformative step forward. Magswitch Technologies emerges as a beacon of excellence, combining the strengths of both entities to offer unmatched solutions in the realm of magnetic tools and industrial automation. As we navigate this merger, the commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction remains at the core of our mission. Stay tuned for a future where Magswitch Technologies leads the way in redefining possibilities and shaping the magnetic landscape.