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Introducing the Magswitch Savr: Revolutionizing Woodworking Tools with Superior Feather boards and Push Blocks

Introducing the Magswitch Savr: Revolutionizing Woodworking Tools with Superior Feather boards and Push Blocks

We're excited to introduce our new line of woodworking tools, the Magswitch Savr Feather board and the Savr Push Block. Designed with the needs of woodworkers in mind, these tools have been engineered to make your work safer, more efficient, and enjoyable.

Superior Feather board and Push Block Woodworking Tools

Enhancing Safety and Efficiency: The Magswitch Savr Featherboard

Feather boards are essential woodworking tools for maintaining control and safety in operations involving saws and routers. Their purpose is to keep the wood against the fence and prevent it from moving sideways during a cut. But not all feather boards are created equal.

SavR Feather Boards for Table Saws - 81101513

The Magswitch Savr Featherboard is a game-changer. Unlike other feather boards that mount to the miter slot and require tedious adjustments with knobs, our Savr Featherboard is designed for quick and easy positioning. Perfect for operations that necessitate rapid position changes, the Savr Featherboard eliminates the frustration of constant readjustments.

This feather board for table saw operations locks into position left to right and forward and back with the flip of an arm, saving you time and enhancing safety. Furthermore, a removable spacer bar makes it compatible with both 5/8" and 3/4" tracks, broadening the range of its usability. Whether you're a DIY feather board enthusiast or a seasoned professional, this is a feather board that suits all woodworking needs.

Innovative Design: The Magswitch Savr Push Block

The Savr Push Block, another essential tool for woodworking, is the second product we're introducing in our new line. This table saw push block offers unique features that set it apart from other woodworking push blocks in the market.

Woodworking SAVR Push Blocks for Table Saws - 81101514

The design of our push block for table saw operations features an offset handle for ergonomic comfort. What's more, it can be adjusted to a left-hand configuration, a feature not available in other designs with a fixed offset. For safety, the screws are made of nylon, eliminating concerns about carbide blades hitting steel screws.

Another distinctive attribute is its storage doc anchored with magnets. Since accessibility for aluminum saws is crucial, we've included an adhesive-backed metal plate for anchoring the doc to an aluminum fence.

Furthermore, the base of the push block is MDF. This means you can cut close to the blade without worrying about damaging the base. Once a base has been sufficiently cut, it can be easily replaced with our pack of three base replacements and extra nylon screws.

Magswitch Savr: A Must-Have for Woodworkers

If you're looking for the best woodworking tools, whether you're a beginner or an experienced craftsman, the Magswitch Savr line should be on your list. Its featherboards and push blocks are designed to bring efficiency and safety to your woodworking tasks, making them an essential addition to your basic woodworking tools.

Production for these innovative Savr tools is underway, and we'll be ready to ship by the end of July. We hope you find these new Magswitch Savr products compelling and look forward to helping you make your woodworking projects safer, more efficient, and more enjoyable.