The Magswitch MagPress Magnetic Press Product Story

The Magswitch MagPress Magnetic Press Product Story

At Magswitch, we strive to ensure every Magswitch tool makes the work place safer, improves productivity, is maintenance free, reduces energy consumption, is easy to use and has an ROI measured in weeks or months. In short, a Magswitch tool is designed to exceed customer expectations!

Magswitch Technology, a worldwide leading manufacturer of switchable magnets, the introduction of the original MagPry was revolutionary new way to align steel plates or press stiffener beams in shipyards.

Changing the Way Things Were Done

Back in 2007 Magswitch Technology was focused on new tools in the welding and fabrication space. Because the Magswitch turned completely off, without any residual magnetism to cover the tool in debris and with incredible strength on thin material, the technology opened the way for a disruption in work practices. Whether you positioned, lifted, grounded or joined steel Magswitch developed tools to change how things were done. So much so that “Changing The Way Things are Done” became the then small company's slogan.

The Magswitch MagPress magnetic press has descended from one of the most disruptive tools, the MagPry. Designed to help welders to level sheets is the only way to level and align steel. Remove high/lows with ease by placing the magnet on low, prying on high and welding with the other hand. This method allows for an individual to align two sheets and weld the separate sheets 100 times faster than using dogs and wedges. The traditional method took app 20 minutes, Mag Pry, with a 1000Lb magnet, completed the process in 12 seconds.

The Magswitch MagPress Magnetic Press Product Story

Magnetic Press Innovation

The arrival of the Magswitch MagPress delivered two functions in one simple tool. Sheet levelling and beam press in one tool. By flipping the handle, the MagPress becomes a beam press tool which can press 4-6” beams in seconds. No more pounding, breaking, grinding or clamping to remove airgaps. Just turn the magnet on and push down on the lever to eliminate airgaps and level sheets. The MagPress can be used on a variety of surfaces, including flat and curved surfaces, and is capable of holding both thin and thick materials securely.

The Magswitch MagPress Magnetic Press Product Story

Magnetic Press Superior Hold Force

With up to 1,100 pounds of hold force, on thin material, important when used in barge and tank building.

Productivity and Cost to Deliver

The MagPress is part of a family of welding, lifting and fabrication products, that reduce project cost to complete and days to deliver. Major shipyard customers say, “Using Magswitch tools helps us save over 20 hours every week of unproductive fitting and grinding just on one substructure!”

“Magswitch is a breakthrough in control and strength of permanent magnets, making the shipbuilding process faster, safer and delivered at a lower cost,” said David Morton, Chief Executive Officer. “Magswitch is being used in over 100 major shipyards around the world.

The Magswitch MagPress Magnetic Press Product Story

In conclusion, the Magswitch MagPress is an innovative and efficient tool that has revolutionized the manufacturing industry. Its powerful magnetic force, versatility, and durability make it a valuable addition to any fabrication process, improving safety and increasing productivity.

Every Magswitch product is proudly designed, developed, manufactured and tested by Magswitch to ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Magswitch Shallow field?

A Magswitch shallow magnetic field is achieved through the full saturation of magnetic flux of thin material, without any oversaturation. Oversaturation is the deep field that passes through the target material and grips the material underneath the target component. Magswitch shallow magnetic field achieves maximum magnetic field density in a defined material thickness, allowing for increased holding forces on thin material.

What is variable flux output (VFO)?

VFO is patented by Magswitch. VFO allows the end user to reduce or increase the magnetic field density to meet the required application. VFO can be increased to create oversaturation in order to pick up multiple sheets or parts and then by reducing density, VFO can release individual sheets or parts one at a time. Magswitch VFO allows for the guaranteed picking of a single sheet/part regardless of thickness.

What is a Passive shunting system?

Passive shunting is where extra steel in the magnet housing is added to absorb “stray” magnetic field in the Off position. Typically, a passive shunting magnet has one large magnetic circuit.

Why is Passive shunting less effective than a Magswitch active shunting magnet?

Passive shunting is up to three times heavier than a Magswitch and requires approximately twice the target material thickness (material being lifted or held) to achieve the same hold force. Generally made in China and imported by re-sellers in most markets around the world.

Why is Passive shunting dangerous compared to a Magswitch active shunting magnet?

Often users will look at maximum hold force without realizing that the maximum hold force requires a material thickness much greater than they use. For example, the Magswitch one ton achieves one ton on 30mm thick steel and 90% of that force on just 20mm thick material on 12mm. A typical Passive shunting system for one ton requires between 50-70mm to achieve full hold force.

What is Magswitch Stability control?

Stability control is used in the Magswitch LAY line of manual lifters, by using two lift rings that both attached to the overhead lifter hook, the load is less likely to tilt as its being moved.

Why do I need Replaceable poll shoes?

Replaceable pole shoes, cut maintenance cost and allow for Taylor made pole shoes to be fitted for repetitively lifted irregular shapes parts such as pipe.

The Magswitch cordless electric lifters are completely hand free, the auto on off feature makes for a faster and safer use by the operator who avoids the load zone and the climb zone as they do not need to reach over or get onto the load to activate the lifter. The Magswitch CE unit requires no remote control leaving the operator with only one control to use, that of the overhead crane. The Magswitch CE Lifter has Variable Flux output VFO, this enables single sheet de-stacking and avoids the need for wooden blocks between sheets to create an air gap.

No climb zone risk. Climb zone is where the operator or their assistant climbs onto the burn table,transporter or storage stack to position accurately the lift system or to attach a lift sling. By using the MagReach 400 the operator can guide the Magswitch CE lifter accurately onto the loads COG (center of gravity), ensuring the Climb Zone is avoided.

NO drop zone risk. By using the MagReach 400 accessory the operator can control the load, under hook, from a safe distance, without entering the drop zone, increasing safety and reducing operator stress and the safety of those in the work environment. The Magswitch Magreach 400 allows the operator to stay clear of the fall and climb zones.

What is the Pareto Factor, when using a Magswitch CE Lifter?

The Pareto Principle is often used as a tool for prioritization and optimization. By identifying the 20% of causes that are responsible for 80% of the effects, individuals and organizations can focus their efforts and resources on the most important areas and achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness.

For example, The Magswitch CE lifters move material faster, freeing up valuable fabricators time in fab shops, reducing the cost of unproductive time with high-cost equipment, burn tables, overhead cranes, fork trucks. These typically lead to short Returns on investment (ROI) Most importantly eliminating many of the risk areas associated with steel movement.

How does Magswitch change the way things are done?

Magswitch is a classic disruptive technology, industries that used vacuum cups, mechanical grippers, t-slots, slings and hooks, mechanical clamp arms, now use Magswitch’s magnetic gripping systems. The superior hold force on thin and thick ferrous material has enabled single sided magnetic gripping that is significantly increasing productivity, lowering energy consumption, increasing safety, reducing, or eliminating maintenance across a range of industry from heavy fabrication, robot automation, collaborative robots, welding and fabrication DIY lifting systems, Defense, anyone handling ferrous material globally.

How does Magswitch reduce energy consumption?

In Automation Magswitch tools fill two categories, pneumatic actuated tools and electric actuated tools. In pneumatic tools does not rely on a constant source of vacuum or air pressure to operate. Our pneumatic cylinders are used for app. 300-400 milliseconds for an on and off cycle, the balance of the part movement time uses no air, when compared to other products Magswitch uses app 90% less air. This is a significant saving and often energy savings repay capital cost in around 12 months. Magswitch E-Tools(electric) can eliminate all air requirements in a body and white production line. The Magswitch e-tool only requires an electric pulse for as little at 100milli-seconds to turn on and to turn off. Both The e-tools and the p-tools(pneumatic) do not require energy to hold position. This means in the event of a power down they fail safe and hold position, no parts dropped.

What does Magswitch fail safe mean?

Unlike most vacuum tools and electro magnets Magswitch does not alter state in the event of either an air failure or power outage. If it's on it stays on and grips the part, if it's in the off position, it stays off and does not like some tools default to a dangerous on position.