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Magswitch’s First Magnetic Drill, MagDrill Disruptor 30 Wins Award

Magswitch’s First Magnetic Drill, MagDrill Disruptor 30 Wins Award

MagDrill Disruptor 30 takes the magnetic drill innovation award in online rankings. Magswitch Technology’s first magnetic drill to market, the MagDrill Disruptor 30, is a winner in the fourth annual Pro Tool Innovation Awards.

Magswitch’s First Magnetic Drill, MagDrill Disruptor 30 Wins Award

Magnetic Drill Shallow Field Technology

“We are very excited, but not surprised, that the Disruptor is being awarded,” said David Morton, Chief Executive Officer. “The MagDrill offers superior performance on round and thin material, coupling our patented shallow field magnet technology and our patent pending pivoting base. The award is a testament to our engineers. To enter a highly competitive tool category and get it right with our first tool is a great accomplishment. Magswitch is changing the way pipe drilling and hole cutting is done.”

Magnetic drill tool and accessory winners were decided by their level of innovation, power, and value. These are best-in-class products that are truly ahead of their time.

A panel of judges made up of tool professionals from across the United States weighed in on entries from top global manufacturers, and Magswitch Technology received an award for their magnetic drill press. Here's what the judges had to say about the MagDrill Disruptor 30: “Magnetic Drill Presses are a compelling tool class by nature, and Magswitch offers features on the Disruptor 30 that are pretty attractive. Anytime weight drops in a tool without sacrificing quality, it’s a good thing for the end user.

How the Magnetic Drill MagDrill Disruptor 30 Works

The Magswitch MagDrill Disruptor 30 comes in under 25 pounds. We also really like the ability to turn magnets off individually to help with setup for a tool that’s often used in less than ideal positions. Those magnets also swivel so you can work on flat or rounded surfaces without the need for an adapter plate.”

The first of the series, the MagDrill Disrupter 30, utilizes Magswitch patented technology with added patent-pending pipe conformability. The uniquely flexible drill base is capable of superior grip on flat and round surfaces, as well as pipe outer and pipe inner. Its novel swiveling magnet base design lands on a pipe a little over two inches in diameter. Compared to competitor drill bases, the MagDrill delivers better results on thinner steel. Once you have experienced the Disruptor 30, you will wonder what you ever did without it.

Every Magswitch product is proudly designed, developed, manufactured and tested by Magswitch to ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Frequently asked questions:

How does Magswitch earn the title of best Magnetic Technology, in the world?

At Magswitch we constantly benchmark our performance against our performance against our competitors, whether in Robotics and Automation, Lifting systems, woodworking tools, welding and fabrication, and across a number of partners we supply technology to. Strength per square mm on all material thicknesses from 0.3mm up to 30mm, Ease of operation, energy consumption, Life cycle testing, zero maintenance, flexibility in multiple tasks, Customer ROI, increased safety, quality ISO manufacturing. For example in Automotive assembly, Magswitch reduces energy consumption by up to 30%, Magswitch reduces capital costs by up to 27%, floor space by app 25%, Magswitch is tested beyond six million cycles, maintenance free, Magswitch pioneered electric tools free of vacuum in this space, developed smart tool technology and machine learning, all whilst the incumbent suppliers, remained locked in a marginal gain strategy and a commodity supply strategy.