Magswitch MagTether 600 – 8100077

With Magswitch MagTether 600, tie down your equipment or yourself while working above and below water. Turn the lever 180-degrees to switch On/Off 600 pounds of magnetic hold force. Tether is sealed with a marine grade corrosion resistant coating to hold up to saltwater. Ideal for underwater welding, tethering, military and commercial oil and gas applications.


  • Pipe notch for lifting round
  • Outperforms other magnetic lifters on Thin Steel.
  • Superior performance in the presence of Air Gaps: uneven surfaces.
  • Lighter weight more compact unit
  • Stays clean – when off, debris falls off
  • Safe Tethering to work place
  • Tethering for equipment drop
  • Alongside and below the surface mooring
  • Extra hand as a fixture tool
  • Fixture base for monitoring equipment
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Check out one shipyard application of the MagTether in Korea here!

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The Magswitch MagTether is also available in 300 and 1000