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Industrial Heavy-Lifting Magnetic Devices

Combining the patented Magswitch lifting magnet technology with plate handling systems, Heavy Lifting Solutions has the answers for all your plate lifter applications. From manual systems to fully integrated robotic lifting device systems, Magswitch has a full range of lifting technology solutions.

Our Applications Engineers will analyze your needs and help you find the right magnetic lifter solutions. We replace inefficient, high-maintenance electromagnetic lifters and vacuum lifters delivering ROIs as low as 12 months, reducing injury risk and improving capital return on expensive cutting equipment. From small plate applications (4’x8’, 5’x10’ & 6’x12’) to large (8’ to 10‘ x 15’ to 60’) and thin material as low as 12 gauge, we will custom design a solution! Check out our Heavy Lifting Solutions Catalog for more info!

Magnetic Lifting Products

Telescoping Magnetic Lifting Systems

SPM Telescopic Beam

For customers that need to lift various sheet dimensions, this Magswitch Lift System offers adjustability based on the length of the plate being handled.

Fixed Magnetic Lifting Systems

SPM Fixed Spreader Beam

Designed to lift your maximum plate size, the Magswitch SPM Fixed Spreader Beam can be configured with any number of cross members to fit your lifting needs.

Small Plate Magnetic Lifting Systems

Small Plate Lift Systems

This Magswitch Lift System comes in a variety of lift capacities and sizes to fit your specific needs. It is offered in both Electric or Manual activation options.

Part and Cut-Out Magnetic Handling Systems

Part and Cut Out Handling System

This Magswitch Lift System is designed to lift your maximum plate size for loading, lift your part, and cut it out after processing.

Cordless Electric Magnetic Lifting Systems

Cordless Electric System

When drop-down or wall power is unavailable, the cordless electric system is the perfect solution and can be used via overhead cranes, boom trucks, and forklifts.

Profile and Bundle Magnetic Lifting Systems

Billet Handling

When lifting profiles and bundles, safety and efficiency are key. The Profile and Bundle lift system is custom designed to fit your specific needs.

Retro Fit Magnetic Lifting Systems (MAG-KIT)

Mag-Kit (Retro Fit)

For the customer seeking an economical solution, the Mag-Kit allows the customer to mount the Magswitch magnets and controls to an existing spreader beam.

Featured Videos

Customer Success Stories

Carter MagFence Uses Magswitch MagJigs

Introducing the Smart Electrically Actuated Lifter

Magswitch is excited to introduce the electrically actuated lifter designed with safety in mind. The ELAY series features smart tool technology that will change the way how lifting steel is done.

Ergonomic Press Brake Lifting Solution

Ergonomic Press Brake Lifting Solution

The final result was a lifting frame that utilized Magswitch’s shallow field patented technology to load and unload the snow plows safely and effectively into the press brake.

The Magswitch Advantage


We consider safety in everything we do. Safety is crucial to our products, the fewer hands on the job means a safer workplace. Easy actuation, lighter lifting, stability control, and lift-to-shear capabilities all tie back to an emphasis on safety.

Our products are designed to be ‘fail safe’ since there is no need for any power during a lift. With a positive indication of the magnetic circuit, the operator can confidently perform knowing the material is fully attached. Magswitch offers Electric, Pneumatic, or Manual for ‘on-off’ actuation.


Magswitch technology applies maximum hold force at shallow depths, and thin material, enabling consistent stronghold force on thin and thick magnetic material. Our products are customer serviceable, 1/3rd the magnet weight of some competitors, outlast, and are easier to operate than old technology competitors.


Magswitch products have flexible options to handle your lifting needs & adapt to odd or round shapes.


Downtime is eliminated with Magswitch, unlike traditional steel lifting systems. With a 100% duty cycle, no more standing or waiting around.

Cost Savings

Electromagnetic and vacuum lifting systems are costly in the long term regarding energy and maintenance costs. Magswitch ‘Greentech’ technology will offer you significant savings in energy and repairs while increasing productivity.

Custom Solutions

In addition to groundbreaking products, Magswitch offers the expertise and resources to assist customers with their design and application challenges. To achieve the best performance for contact one of our knowledgeable sales representatives for advice on fixtures, pole shoes, guarding, and magnet designs.

If you need more than a design, we’ve got you covered at a fraction of the cost of a machine shop. Magswitch can help you customize a range of components to expand the usability of your tool.

Magswitch also offers Finite Element Analysis (MFEA), a magnetic analysis to confirm holding force and validate pole shoe designs. Magswitch prides itself on having a team of engineers ready to handle any application. Many factors determine the performance of a magnet, and all should be accounted for before selecting your tool.