Magswitch 800 Amp Ground Clamp – 8100552

The Magswitch 800 Amp Ground Clamp lets welders quickly set up, weld, and move on to the next job. Simply place it on a clean work surface, turn on the magnet, and start welding. Our revolutionary fin design sheds heat more efficiently than traditional magnetic ground clamps.

  • All new fin design lowers temperature by almost 27%.
  • No more searching for or creating a ground location.
  • Grounds instantly.
  • Turn on Magswitch and start welding.
  • Stays clean.
  • Turn off Magswitch and wipe away debris.
  • Reusable – saves welders time and money.
  • Quick and easy connect and disconnect.
  • Easily attaches to flat or round surfaces.
  • No more tacking on tabs in large sheet-weld or pipe jobs.
SKU: 8100552.


  • Max Breakaway: 300 lbs/136 kg
  • Product Weight: 3.8 lbs/1.6 kg
  • Overall Height: 74mm
  • Magnetic Pole Footprint: 89mm diameter

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Check out the Magswitch Ground Clamps in action here. Also available in 300 Amp and 600 Amp.