Magswitch T30 – 81401124

Magswitch T30 is compact and powerful boasting cutting edge technology enhancements and precision mounting interfaces. These tools are great for fixtures, pin locating and thin part material handling. Additional custom pole shoe geometry allows for extreme flexibility in applications. This tool is a precision fit for your next project!

Features & Benefits
• Larger air ports (G1/8) for increased compatibility and robust connections
• Manufactured to precision tolerances with symmetrical NAAMS mounting
• Tool is equipped with externally accessible manual override
• 79x54x36 dimension and Maximum Breakaway of 160lb/73kg*
• In case of power loss and maintenance inspections, the external
manual override is included which saves the day

8800747 T30 Pin Clamp Pole Shoe Kit: Allows custom pin component to be utilized for alignment of target parts.
8800696 T30 Standard Pole Shoe Kit: Guides magnetic field into target. Standard for flat parts.
8800756 T30 Thin Target Pole Shoe Kit Improved thin target performance by 50-70% with new patented innovative design.
8800699 T30 Sensor Cap Kit Allows 2x M8 Proximity sensors to detect ON and OFF state.
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Maximum Breakaway Force 1,2 160.6lb / 73kg
Maximum Shear 1,2 38.7lb / 17.6kg
Minimum Thickness for De-Stack 3 0.197in / 5mm
Maximum Allowable Pressure 90psi / 0.62MPa
Off Target Actuation Pressure 72psi / 0.5MPa
Net Weight 1.33lb / 605g
Air Port Thread 2x G1/8
Mounting Options Top: Ø8-M8-Ø8-M8 Side: 2x Ø6-M8-Ø6
Magnetic Pole Footprint 54 x 31mm


Material Thickness – mm (in) 0.5
Maximum Force – kg (lbs) 6.63
Required Air Pressure 4 – bar (psi) 3.9


SWL (Safe Working Load) = Maximum Force 5/ Safety Force (≥5)

1 Determined in laboratory environment on 2” thick SAE1018 Steel with surface roughness 63 micro inches with optimized pole shoes. Many factors contribute to the actual breakaway force and safe working load in each application. Consult a Magswitch Applications Engineer and test the Magswitch in each application before deployment.
2 All data applies to unit with flat pole shoes installed.
3 Determined with SAE1018 Steel L=200mm W=200mm.
4 Values may vary by +/- 5%.
5 Maximum forces listed above are not safe lifting forces. Designer must take into account safety factor when specifying tool. Magswitch recommends SWL = 5:1 for most applications.


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