Magswitch PLAY50x3 – 8140393

Magswitch PLAY50x3 brings the power of multiple magnets together with a single point of actuation. Use these tools when handling long pipes or beams. Additionally keep these tools in mind for heavy weight applications. These tools have customizable pole elements which can be applied to improve handling in any application.

Features & Benefits
• Customizable Contact Surface
• Deep field technology
• Ideal for handling long components
• Saves energy
• Fail-safe operation

8800307 PLAY50X3 Combo Shoes Kit

High heat version available. For more info, click here.

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Max Breakaway* 1652 lbs/751 kg
Working Load 4:1* 413 lbs/187 kg
Full Saturation Thickness 1/2” / 12.7mm
Max Safe Shear* 169 lbs
Minimum Thickness for De-Stack 1/2” / 12.7mm
Min Actuation Pressure 17.1 psi/1.2×105 pa
Max Actuation Pressure 145 psi/1×106 pa
Net Weight 17.4 lbs/7.9 kg
Air Port Thread Rc 1/4
Mounting Thread M8x1.25
Custom Pole Shoe Mount Thread M8X1.25X10mm
Overall Height 253.82 mm
Magnetic Pole Footprint 165.80×71.12 mm
Actuator Part Number 280018


* Max Breakaway determined in laboratory environment on 2” thick SAE1018 Steel with surface roughness 63 micro inches. Many factors contribute to the actual breakaway force in each application. Always test the magswitch in each application before deployment.  Refer to the Magswitch information booklet for more information.


PLAY50x3 Downloads
8140393 PLAY50x3 Spec Sheet
8140393 PLAY50x3 STEP File

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