Magswitch Manual Sheet Fanner – 8100871

Magnetic sheet fanner provide a faster and safer alternative to separate ferrous sheets. The magnetic field is transferred to the steel blanks which take on the magnetic pole to repel from each other. Apply the Magswitch sheet fanner to the side of any stack of blanks or thin steel components and watch the top layers separate for easy destacking.

Features & Benefits
• Tackles any height stack with ease
• Free floating design holds fanner to stack with auto-indexing functionality
• Use with or without a guide rod
• Powerful magnetic field separates sheets
• Chamfer design allows for uneven stacks
• Easy separation of stacked components
• Portable and lightweight

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Net Weight 14.8 lbs/ 6.7 kg
Overall Height 228.1 mm
Magnetic Pole Footprint 143.1×110.5 mm
Guide Rod Bushing Inner Diameter 29 mm


Manual Sheet Fanner Downloads
8100871 Manual Sheet Fanner Spec Sheet
8100871 Manual Sheet Fanner STEP File

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