Magswitch MagDolly – 8100433

The Magswitch MagDolly features 2 solid rubber wheels and is designed to lift and carry heavy sheets, pipes or any steel objects. No more getting down on your knees or pinching your fingers to move heavy manhole covers. Our dolly is most efficient as a lifting system when paired with our MLAY Lifting Magnet, sold separately.


  • Safer for your back, knees, and hands.
  • Allows one person to move heavy objects.
  • Fast set up.
  • Sturdy and reliable.
  • Maintains control and stays clean.
  • Maneuvers on uneven surfaces.
  • Does not use an electrical power source.

Compatible with lifting magnets, sold separately:

  • MLAY600           # 8100089
  • MLAY600x2       # 8100360
  • MALY600x4       # 8100364
  • MLAY1000          # 8100088
  • MLAY1000x2      # 8100484
  • MLAY1000x3      # 8100403
  • MLAY1000x4      # 8100418
  • MLAY1000x6      # 8100482
  • MLAY1000x12    # 8100549
SKU: 8100433.


  • Net Weight: 57.9 lbs/26.3 kg
  • Overall Height: 917mm

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This tool is compatible with the MLAY series of magnets. See all lifting magnets here!