Magswitch ELAY1000x6 Lifter – 81401247

The Brand NEW electrically actuated lifter joins the Magswitch family!

Safer, Stronger, Lighter! Magswitch is excited to introduce the electrically actuated lifter designed with safety in mind! The ELAY series features smart tool technology that will change the way how lifting steel is done. With fail safe Magswitch technology inside, there is no need for backup batteries! The part stays attached. With Variable Field Output, the ELAY 1000×6 can lift and destack a wide range of steel in many different thicknesses!

Features & Benefits
• Variable Field Output (VFO)
• De-Stack Thin Steel
• Smart Tool Technology
• Fail-Safe
• No backup battery required
• Power Disconnected – Part stays on!
• Easy button lift and de-stack
• 48 Volt DC
• Control Protocol: CANopen
• Pole Shoes included. Custom options available.

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Maximum Breakaway Force 1,2,3 6101 lb / 2768 kg
Thickness for De-Stack Configurable with VFO
 Net Weight 130 lb / 59 kg
Mounting Options Dual Swivel Hoist Rings

SWL (Safe Working Load) = Maximum Force 5/ Safety Force (≥3)

1 Determined in laboratory environment on 2” thick SAE1018 Steel with surface roughness 63 micro inches with optimized pole shoes. Many factors contribute to the actual breakaway force and safe working load in each application. Consult a Magswitch Applications Engineer and test the Magswitch in each application before deployment.
2 All data applies to unit with flat pole shoes installed.
3 Maximum forces listed above are not safe lifting forces. Designer must take into account safety factor when specifying tool. Magswitch recommends SWL = 3:1 for most applications.

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