Automation High Heat Products

Magswitch Automation tools are available as high heat/temperature version. The high heat versions are available for AR NAAMS and PLAY Series. The high temperature magnets that are provided by Magswitch Technology Inc. are certified to the sustained temperatures listed in the table below.

Magnet Description Maximum Sustained Operating Temperature
Standard Magnet 80°C
“UH’ Magnet 180°C
“EH” Magnet 200°C

The maximum temperature rating of these magnets describes the maximum sustained operating temperature the magnets can withstand before there is permanent magnet degradation. Temperatures higher than the maximum sustained operating temperature (200°C) can be achieved if the duty cycle is reduced. While the magnets can operate at higher temperatures the holding force will not be equivalent to the holding force at room temperature.

Contact Magswitch for recommendations and other information if temperatures exceed the maximum temperature.

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AR Series High Temperature Automation Products

AR20 NAAMS EH –  8140718 Download Spec Sheet
AR30 NAAMS EH – 8140719 Download Spec Sheet
AR40 NAAMS EH – 8140720 Download Spec Sheet
AR50 NAAMS EH – 8140721 Download Spec Sheet
AR70 NAAMS EH – 8140722 Download Spec Sheet

PLAY Series High Temperature Products

PLAY 20×4 EH – 8140711 Download Spec Sheet
PLAY 20×4 NAAMS EH – 8140957 Download Spec Sheet
PLAY 50×2 EH – 8149873 Download Spec Sheet
PLAY 50×3 EH – 8140838 Download Spec Sheet
PLAY 50×4 EH – 8140874 Download Spec Sheet
PLAY 70×2 EH – 8140875 Download Spec Sheet
PLAY 70×3 EH – 8140836 Download Spec Sheet
PLAY 70×4 EH 8140976 Download Spec Sheet

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