Magswitch Free-Floating Sheet Fanner - 8100871

Magswitch Free-Floating Sheet Fanner - 8100871

Magswitch Free-Floating Sheet Fanner - 8100871Magswitch Free-Floating Sheet Fanner - 8100871

Magswitch free-floating magnetic sheet fanner is great for separating stacks of thin steel sheets. Attach this unit to the side of a stack of steel to separate the top sheet. This unit will automatically travel down the stack as sheets are removed maintaining a consistent fan. Customize this tool for all your needs by contacting our engineering team at

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  • Tackles any stack at any height with ease.
  • Chamfer design allows for fanning on uneven stacks.
  • Features a guide rod bearing for more controlled movement down a stack.
  • Pair with Magswitch automation tools for a complete press loading solution.
  • Manual ON/OFF actuation, it offers a safe and efficient way to separate steel sheets.

*Pole Shoes are required. Not Included with base tool.


Net Weight 14.8 lbs/ 6.7 kg
Overall Height 228.1 mm
Magnetic Pole Footprint 143.1×110.5 mm
Guide Rod Bushing Inner Diameter 29 mm
  • SWL (Safe Working Load) = Maximum Force5/ Safety Force (≥5)
  • 1Determined in laboratory environment on 2” thick SAE1018 Steel with surface roughness 63 micro inches with optimized pole shoes. Many factors contribute to the actual breakaway force and safe working load in each application. Consult a Magswitch Applications Engineer and test the Magswitch in each application before deployment.
  • 2All data applies to unit with flat pole shoes installed.
  • 3Determined with SAE1018 Steel L=200mm W=200mm.
  • 4Values may vary by +/- 5%.
  • 5Maximum forces listed above are not safe lifting forces. Designer must take into account safety factor when specifying tool. Magswitch recommends SWL = 5:1 for most applications.



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